Lawn Maintenance

Landscape ContractorMaintaining high visibility lawns is not such a simple task; it is more than just mowing regularly. You generally don’t want to remove more than 30-40% of the plant tissue, but you still want to remove dead grass, leaves, and other debris.

Lawn maintenance may also require topdressing soil or a deep raking to remove thatch in the fall seasons. Spring raking will remove grass blades that died in the winter. If you see any matted patches, in which the blades are stuck together, a disease known as “snow mold” can cause this. New grass may have difficulty penetrating in the springtime because of this.

We are experts when it comes to residential landscaping services. With this and more, our landscaper will help your landscape blossom to its full potential. We will help maintain its beauty so you can enjoy it anytime during the year.

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